Are Old Earth creationists ignorant of their faith?

Back in May I wrote a blog discussing the 10 points of agreement between the Old Earth and Young Earth positions. The blog was not designed or written in order to argue for one position or the other. The goal... Continue Reading →

Are Science and Faith Compatible?

Many do not realize that this apparent conflict comes from a worldview conflict. When understood correctly, there is no contradiction at all. In fact, faith should be based in the scientific evidence. Watch and see what I mean. If you are... Continue Reading →

Do science and faith contradict?

The reason I started studying science apologetics is because I saw many students having trouble reconciling the two. The debate between faith and science seems to always be one that troubles many believers. Instead of allowing science to cause doubts,... Continue Reading →

Is that evidence for evolution?

Common ancestor or common creator?

What are the strengths of teaching evolution to students?

I have found the topic of biological evolution to be very important for young people. As I teach my high school students, I make sure to cover the topic each year. In my Historical Doctrines and Apologetics class, I spend... Continue Reading →

RHF Questions Class (Week 3)

This was the third and final week for the Questions Class at Rock Harbor Fullerton. We spent some time in the last class looking at creation vs. evolution. Here is a short review and links to the three week class... Continue Reading →

What do you mean by evolution? (Podcast)

Do you know what type of evolution the person is attempting to prove?

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