Is happiness a good test for truth?

This post first appeared at You might think it’s an intrusion when strangers knock on the door. But when three Mormon missionaries showed up at my friend’s apartment, I excitedly ran down the stairs to talk to them. It’s... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus the only way to God? (Video)

There are many different ways people answer this question, but it doesn't mean that all answers are correct. Just like other areas of study, we should seek the truth and anything that contradicts the truth is false. Religious truth is... Continue Reading →

How Relativism Undermines Your Student’s Faith in Christ (Video)

Our culture of relativism, the belief that truth changes from person to person, is undermining our student's faith in Christ. Relativism states that there is no truth. So how can Christianity be objectively true if there is no truth? Jesus... Continue Reading →

Making the Case for a Forensic Faith with J. Warner Wallace

Embrace your duty to defend the truth.

Why I Do Apologetics: Celebrating One Year Podcasting

February 28th marked the first anniversary of the Coffeehouse Questions podcast. So many exciting things have happened, and I can't believe it has already been one year. On this week's podcast I discuss some of the exciting events from my... Continue Reading →

Rethinking the Hiddenness of God

God is hidden because he wants us to look for him.

Top 10 Podcasts of 2016 and a Coffeehouse Questions Survey

It was at this time last year that I was frantically reading and preparing for my interterm class with J. Warner Wallace at Biola University. The thought of recording a podcast had never crossed my mind. I was content with... Continue Reading →

Apologetics in the Local Church – Interview with Dan Britton (Podcast)

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Does the church need apologetics? (Podcast)

Are most people within the church ready to give a thought out response to the difficult cultural issues today?

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