The Nativity Story, End of the Year Q&A, and a 2019 Recap

My wife and I had the chance to sit down with our nieces and nephew this past Christmas to watch The Nativity Story. Overall, it was a good movie. It did a great job retelling the story of Jesus's birth.... Continue Reading →

Why doesn’t everyone believe in Jesus if he came to earth?

I often get the question, "Why doesn't God do something that would just make everyone believe in Him?" I often ask, what would that be? Students respond by saying things like: "He could give everyone a dream!" "He could stand... Continue Reading →

The nativity events show that Jesus was born to save the world, not just the Jews.

A few weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on the radio program. One of the callers during the program argued that if Christians truly followed the teachings of Jesus, then they would become Jews. He claimed... Continue Reading →

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