Is atheism the “lack a belief” in God?

It's back to Twitter to answer another common atheist response. Last time I looked at the atheist objection that Christians can't claim to have the One, True God because there are almost 5,000 gods being worshiped. This time I want... Continue Reading →

Will Heaven be boring?

The topic of Heaven has come up a lot lately in my discussions. Last week I was talking with my LDS friends and they mentioned that as they go door to door, they encounter many Christians who think Heaven will be boring.... Continue Reading →

Can Christians claim to have the One, True God?

There's a reason we don't see this objection being used with police or in court.

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The amount of free content on the internet is amazing.

Why is God so hidden?

There is simply no way of knowing that more evidence would mean more people saved.

Who created God?

Both the atheist and the Christian realize that there has to be something that is eternal.

Five reasons why teaching apologetics to students is so critical today – Interview with Dr. Sean McDowell (Podcast)

Dr. Sean McDowell joined me and discussed five reasons why teaching apologetics to students is so critical today.

Are evil and God incompatible?

Evil exists inside of our universe and appears to be incompatible with an all-loving God. However, the existence of evil is evidence for the existence of God.

RHF Questions Class (Week 3)

This was the third and final week for the Questions Class at Rock Harbor Fullerton. We spent some time in the last class looking at creation vs. evolution. Here is a short review and links to the three week class... Continue Reading →

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